Website Version 0.06

First post;

  Okay, it has been eight to perhaphs two weeks since I sarted this. I guess I am starting to burn out, running out of ambition and joy in building this site. That being said, I will try to get in the groove for today, then take a week-long break. Hopefully I won't forget this all.

  Next, we should talk about what I plan for this site. At first, I wanted a site were I had a calendar, and you could move around it, seeing news events from an Alternate Universe, or AU. The nucleus was that a random guy became all powerful, and decided to improve the world instead of making a mess. Then, I realized how cringy making that would have been- and to see.

  Yet, I still wanted to show off SOMETHING, so I decided to make a blog. And, if you saw the changelog, you would realize how bad that went. Now, I still do want to make a blog, but the website needs to have a better design in my eyes. And, to do that, I need to actually manually do such. Coding is not my hidden talent, however, so, this site still might be re-done AGAIN, but this time, I won't delete everything.

  That's right, I don't plan to utterly destroy this cancer of a site. Instead, I hope to have this as a back-up, and deal with updating here at first to not lose everything should the worst actually happen.

  So, yes. That's bloody it. If you find this site, good luck, and good day/night.

Second post;

  Now that that "small" week break is over, I will answer some questions, my non-existant...readers? Web surfers? Weird, odd people who look for random new sites for the sake of it? Whatever, the point is I'm back, as frail a move it is, and I am going to look towards making the site look, and be better, coding wise. It's times like these were I wish I used some sort of template...

  First off, since I'm back with new sorts of abition, I'm planning on creating, and uploading, something to this site. However, I am stuck on what to put up, from drawings, unity games ( if that's even an option ( implimenting wise ) ), or just plain wiritings. The plan was to write until I have a good amount of work on the site, but now I need to make an input system for .text files to make things simpler. And, to make that simpler, I need to learn Java, I believe. Either that, or JavaScript, there's a difference.

  Second off, are the possible writings themselves. There are five-ish stories already written, a chapter each only, but with general concepts up and about. The problem is, it's all un-revised, horrible drafted peices of pooh-haha. The main conflict other than that is, well, my writing skill in general. I'm more of a jack of all trades, master of not even close to zero of all things. I, to be exact, have a problem with character sympathy, and confusing it for pity, causing a large amount of what ends up just to be pointless suffering. I wish to cut out of that habit, but I need to practice.

  Guess where this site comes in?! In the end, this is a storage place, since, I never want to bother programming a comment section. Maybe, if it gets popular ( HA! ), I'll add a donate button, for "teh monies". Alright, that's enoughfor now, going backto slowly forgetting about this, and coming back. Good day/night. Luck to you all.